What are PLNs and Blogs?

A PLN (Person Learning Network) is the network of those around you who enhance and enrich your understanding and knowledge surrounding teaching and learning.  It can be as immediate as the teachers who are at your school, who you interact with every day, or as broad as educators across the globe who you interact with through online mediums such as blogs and discussion forums. I hope to create a rich and interesting PLN to assist me as I complete my Bachelor of Education.

A blog is a form of online communication in which the contributor/s  can express an opinion, share the happenings of their lives, present information that is useful to others…the list goes on! A blog is different to a website in the way that it is more focused on conveying the words of one person.  It is the blogger’s role to initiate conversation; to write an entry about an issue or an event from their perspective, and to invite those reading their blog to comment and add their opinion in the comments section. This starts an online discussion that can be enlightening for both parties.



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